rpn4054a1Standard US Fixed Power SupplyRDX Series$34.99
RMN5114ALightweight Temple TransducerCLS, XTN, RDX, DTR, RM$129.99
RLN6423AEar Hook swivel earpiece, external audio earpiece, PTT Switch.CLS, XTN, RDX, DTR, RM$64.99
rln6332aRapid Drop in Charging Tray only (needs PMPN4005A)RDX Series$42.99
rln6309aMulti-unit Cloning & Charging Station - holds 6 radiosCLS Series$279.99
rln6308a2400 mAh Ultra Capacity Lithium Ion BatteryRDX Series$139.99
RLN6307ARDX Series Spring Action Belt ClipRDX Series$18.99
rln6306a1100 mAh Standard Capacity Lithium Ion BatteryRDX Series$99.99
rln6304aStandard Drop-in Charging Tray only
(needs RPN4054A).
RDX Series$34.99
RLN6303ARadio to Radio Cloning CableRDX Series$29.99
RLN6302ARMLeather Carry Case with 3" swivelRDX Series$69.99
rln6175aStandard Drop-in Charging Tray only
(needs RPN4054A).
RDX Series$42.99
RKN4155ACPS Programming CableRDX Series$52.99
RAN4033ARDX Series Stubby UHF AntennaRDX Series$32.99
RAN4031AVHF AntennaRDX Series$39.99
pmnn4071aMag One 1200 mAh NiMH BatteryMag One$74.99
PMMN4008AMag One Remote Speaker MicrophoneMag One$69.99
PMLN4742AMag One Hard leather caseMag One$64.99
PMLN4738ARMag One 6-hour mid-rate charger kit (includes Base and transformer)Mag One$69.99
pmln4683aMag One 12-hour slow charger kit (includes Base and transformer)Mag One$44.99
PMLN4658AD-Shell Earset with Boom Mic with PTT/VOX SwitchMag One$64.99
PMLN4606A2-Wire Surveillance Kit with Clear Acoustic tubeMag One$99.99
PMLN4605AClear Acoustic tubeMag One$34.99
PMLN4445AVOX Headset with Swivel Boom MicrophoneCLS, XTN, RDX, DTR, RM$99.99
PMLN4443ABMag One Ear receiver with In-Line Microphone and PTT/VOX switchMag One$49.99
PMAE4020ARMag One UHF 450 - 470 MHz Stubby AntennaMag One$23.99
HTN8232A10 Hr Wall ChargerXTN Series$23.99
HKLN4477ASingle Wire Surveillance EarpieceCLS, XTN, RDX, DTR, RM$64.99
HCLN4013Swivel Belt Holster for CLS1413
CLS Series$14.99
538211Replacement Swivel Belt HolsterXTN Series$26.99
5396911-Hour Rapid RateDTR Series$29.99
539601Multi-unit Cloning & Charging Station- holds 6 radiosDTR Series$249.99
56557Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery (HCNN4006/SNN5571A)CLS Series$59.99
56531Multi-unit Cloning & Charging Station - holds 6 radiosCLS Series$279.99
53968Cloning CableDTR Series$34.99
53963aStandard Capacity 1200 mAh Lithium Ion BatteryDTR Series$64.99
53879Multi-unit Cloning & Charging Station – holds 6 radiosXTN Series$299.99
53877a1Nicad battery - M /HP (HNN9056A/9044)Spirit M Series$79.99
53873Leather Carry Case - XTNXTN Series$59.99
5387210 Hr Drop-in Charging Tray only (needs 53874).XTN Series$49.99
53871aNiMH Rechargeable Battery - XTN (NNTN4190A)XTN Series$61.99
53866Earbud with In-line Push-to-talk ButtonCLS, XTN, RDX, DTR, RM$95.99
0105950U15serial programing cableDTR Series$34.99
53815Remote Speaker Microphone w/Push-to-talk
CLS, XTN, RDX, DTR, RM$95.99